The narghile is the multi-sensory product par excellence.

The inhaled air passing through the water makes a happy bubbling sound.
The subtle aroma gives the air a pleasing perfume.
The tip of the handle rests elegantly on the lips, in a graceful motion of the hand.
The sweet and persistant taste provides fifty minutes of sheer pleasure.
The curling vapour makes one’s breath visible.



The renewal of aromatherapy

A pleasure you can taste, without tobacco or calories

The growth in spas over the past twenty years has been spectacular, to the point you will not find a luxury hotel without one.
Spas have everything to do with how we lead our hyperactive, urban lives.

The spa is not just an effective way to relax; it is also a reward, in line with the motto “I deserve it.”

This industry has been trending recently more and more towards wellness and the Art of Living, involving all the senses.
In the 19th century eating and drinking were closely linked with the pleasures of bathing, as can be seen in orientalist paintings.
More recently, the popularity of diets has removed desserts and narghiles from the modern spa.

 Gerome_allumeuse de narghilé1


Airdiem now carries that association of wellness and taste thanks to an innovative, bold and fresh concept. A wholesome, unique and beneficial pleasure. This effort totally fits into the newest trends identified at the latest Global Spa & Wellness Summit.


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