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Mineral Stones


Until recently narghiles used ingredients such as tobacco or tea leaves saturated with honey, sugar and fruits. Today Airdiem offers new ingredients like unique fine porous mineral stones overflowing with organic and
delicious aromatic oils. As it warms up, the narghile naturally releases aromatic and fragrant vapors. This mineral stone are tobacco free and the consumption do not lead to any restriction.

The mineral stones used are zeolites—literally “boiling stone” in Greek. They form naturally in alkaline water or sediment, and one of their properties is to swell
under heat. Chemically speaking, they hydrate and dehydrate with structural stability. Placed in the burner, these extremely fine stones dry out and produce vapor, a neutral and totally flavorless vapor.

N 07 « Pure » Neutral mineral stones without flavour, for your own flavour creations with or without alcohol 

N 16 « Karakorum Palais des mille délices » Mint flavour, A blend where the freshness of mint springs out: The freshness of a wild wind sweeping over the tundra

N 25 « Un Caravansérail à Astrakhan » Apple flavour, the revered fruit of the tree of life enlivens this blend: The powerful aroma of the tree of life

N 34 « Splendeurs de Samarkand » The aroma of Green grape gives body aromatic sensation: The love elixir from the garden of the famous Kha


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