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Additional Burner


Features :

  • Porcelain burner, housing and grills of stainless steel (3 pieces), joined with silicone

This innovative burner is made of fine porcelain, provides a perfect narghile experience and includes a system for holding the charcoal. Porcelain alone radiates heat in the way that gives an ideal distillation without overheating.

Developing this burner took months of research.  It comes from a leading German factory.

The charcoal now is inserted into the burner, secured in a stainless steel box, eliminating the risk of fire from its falling out. Aluminum foil is no longer used, eliminating what was the narghile\’s major health risk—metal particles in the smoke.

Burners of glazed or unglazed clay offer the advantage of coming in beautiful colors and being inexpensive to make. These burners, though, produce an acrid, unpleasant smoke from the intense heat which literally scorches the mixture.

Chromed metal burners on the other hand are only for looks and should never be used.


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