Design by Vanessa Mitrani

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Conceived as a stream of oxygen bubbles, the narghile by Vanessa is an ode to poetic revery.

The imperial carp is a dragon in the making, evoking strength and wealth; though it is also the symbol of pure love. Tradition has it that one drops a coin in the bowl to bring good luck.

Features :

  • Narghile body of blown glass
  • Carp of porcelain bisque

Height 42 cm, Diameter 22 cm

Vanessa Mitrani

Vanessa Mitrani likes to define her creations with the maxim, “Every force creates a form.”


That is this artist’s credo and guideline, applied to molten glass. In ten years Vanessa has become the leading master in France of poetic glass objects, especially her vases, which wed glass to steel, copper and porcelain.

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