Gastronomic Recipes Elixirs and Salts


Champs Elyséesbq2

  In a shaker shake the water and truffle salt together energetically before pouring both into the bowl of the narghile. This recipe goes beautifully with a creamy risotto. A simple and unexpected way to host epicureans for dinner, even the most Italian of them!

30 cl water  + 2 mother-of-pearl spoonfuls of  Camargue salt with black truffle 300 ml


Pont des Artsbq2


The sweetness of the apple subtly brought out by a cardamom seed will reveal in a wonderful way the fruit notes of a cheese like reblochon or blue.

30 cl apple juice + 1 drop Elixir of Cardamom


Place Vendômebq2

  Served at the end of a meal as a light, refreshing digestif accompanied with petit-fours, or at any time of day. A zero calorie treat.

30 cl water + 2 drops Elixir of Ginger + 2 droppersful Absinthe Bitters



The delicately sweet, flowery flavors of geranium make a wonderful match with the smoothness of the chickpeas and legumes in a Lebanese hummus. Another option: serve as a dessert with a Thai grapefruit confit

30 cl water + 1 drop of Elixir of Geranium




To go with a crispy, roasted free-range chicken . .  or why not as a dessert, between the coffee and a chocolate: a divine trio.

30 cl water + 1 drop Elixir of frosted lemon



  To go with gravelax salmon or smoked trout.  A tad audacious as a combination, but it will delight even the most jaded of palates.

30 cl water or milk + 2 mother-of-pearl spoonfuls C&S spice salts

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