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Our European-made charcoal can make health-related guarantees that most other brands cannot.

A good piece of charcoal is recognizable by having no smell when lit, a shape that circulates the heat well and an extremely firm (well compressed) consistency so that it never lets ash find its way into the mixture beneath it.

What we look for:

- easy lighting and high stability throughout the burn

- total absence of taste which might alter the flavors distilled in the burner

For these reasons we prefer this charcoal to so-called “natural” charcoal, which does add a certain taste and two pieces of which always produce a different taste.

Charcoal, which was mankind’s earliest fuel, is a product with numerous properties.

As an especially effective absorbent, it is able to trap tiny molecules. This quality has given it a large role in healing. Often used in home remedies, it can be traced back to Antiquity, when its benefits were known to the Egyptians, who used it in their time to fight various kinds of poisoning.


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