Narghile Mémoire de Baccarat

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Crystal’s true space is time.  For centuries it has crossed it without aging, without tarnishing, by becoming wedded to historical periods, inspiring artists, always in the present, always desirable.bq2

Camille Laurens

This narghile exclusively made by Airdiem for Baccarat required 250 hours of work and enlisting thousands of the best French master craftsmen.

It represents a new edition of 100 pieces of the “spinning top” model commissioned to the factory in 1896 by the court of the Turkish sultan Abdul-hamid II.

The original of this narghile sits in the Baccarat Museum, place des Etats Unis, Paris.

Features :

  • Clear crystal lined with blue or red crystal, blown, molded and shaped into “olives”
  • Frame chiseled bronze plated with silver or 24 carat gold.
  • Height 40 cm


Founded in 1746, the Baccarat factory began to set the worldwide standard in 1823 with its first royal command from King Louis XVIII.

Then royal families and heads of state all over the planet turned to this outstanding craftsmanship. Prominent among these was Turkey, sending special orders such as for the crystal stair rail and chandelier of the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul.

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