The narghile, a flavor laboratory

The narghile works like a still in which the essences of certain ingredients are extracted by distillation and enjoyed in the form of vapors. The flavorings can be put either into the burner or in the bowl, usually added to the water.

Airdiem’s innovation was to distill minerals instead of tobacco, and also to put natural aromas in the water bowl with elixirs or perfumed salts.

Narghile, noun, (nar-ghi-lë) in the dictionary:

A Turkish, Indian and Persian pipe consisting of a long tube, a small furnace where the tobacco burns, and a bowl filled with perfumed water through which the smoke is inhaled.

Thy hand up to thy half-closed lips doth hold
The tapered jasmine pipe adorned with gold;
Thy mouth breathes in the soft sweet taste of rose
That stirs the narghile’s water as it flows.

Alphonse de Lamartine

Still, noun, definition:

  • An apparatus for distilling liquids consisting of a vessel, a head and a coil.


Oils that are put through a still several times are easier to distill.


The process uses the difference in volatility (ability to evaporate depending on the temperature) between the components of the liquid in order to separate them; the most volatile component will evaporate more easily and make up the greater part of the vapor. In this way you can create a gaseous phase with a different composition from the original mixture.

Distill,  transitive verb, definition:

To vaporize a liquid by heating it, condense it by cooling and then collect the condensate drop by drop.
To distill aromatic plants to extract their essence.


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