Cocktail Recipes for




Louix XIIIbq2


Remy Martin Grande Champagne

In the narghile bowl put 30 cl of water and add 4 cl of this finest of cognacs.

Taste notes:  nuts, honey and gingerbread, fig and sandalwood

 The “hors d’âge” cognac expresses all its notes when, placed in the water, it reduces its alcohol content and reveals its aromas and subtlety.  (In Asia they drink cognac with meals, cut with water.)




20 cl cool water
+ 8 cl Cuban rum
+ 3 cl canesyrup
+1 dash Angostura (about 6 drops)

+ 2 drops Elixir of peppermint


Gin Fizzbq2


20 cl cool water
+6 cl Gin
+3 cl cane syrup
+1 drop Elixir of Bergamot.


Petit Mansengbq2


« In honor of Airdiem’s “Land of Cockaigne”»
In the bowl of the narghile put 30 cl  of Pacherenc moelleux du Vic Bilh
Taste notes :  pear, apple, quince, spices, bergamot

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