Design by Jean-Philippe Martin

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L’Etoile is a rare item, from a series numbered 1 to 50.

Making it took 10 blocks of the purest obsidian selected in the mountains of Armenia. The 200 facets of this narghile are the result of 150 hours of stone-cutting by master craftsmen. This is followed by a long, tedious final sanding. Obsidian is a semi-precious stone resulting from the vitrification of flowing lava in cold seawater four million years ago. Translucent and striped, obsidian is as hard as a diamond. The health-giving properties and mystical powers attributed to it have made obsidian a highly prized stone.

Features :

  • Narghile body of “natural black crystal,” obsidian from Armenia.
  • Fine porcelain and mother-of-pearl

Height 61 cm, Diameter 25 cm, Weight 7 kg

JP Martin

Jean-Philippe Martin painstakingly creates extraordinary, iconic pieces for the best-looking brands, primarily Louis Vuitton.

A dedicated globe trotter, Jean Philippe relies on the outstanding craftsmanship of far-flung artisans as much as on that of the great European factories. His eclecticism shows through in all of his creations.


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